Pro Mo

Today is the day. My flexor muscles haven’t made their presence known in a few days, my training has been easy as my body has recovered and I feel ready to rumble. I will head to the gym shortly to do a mock Powerlifting Meet and hit a max in all three power lifts. I’ve toiled over this the last few days because I worry incessantly about lifting at close to 100% of my max and causing some kind of injury. The one thing I will have to figure out once I’m there is how to set up to bench inside the power rack. Without a spotter I can’t set up on the standard bench at my gym and go for broke, visualizing a failed attempt and having a loaded barbell stuck on my sternum with no easy way out.

The rack in my gym allows for pins to be set obviously, but the pins are spaced at 2″ and last time I tried, the pins were either too high (made for a great pin press) or too low. I’m thinking I will put plates on the floor and elevate the bench, which should work for pin height, but I worry about bench stability. These questions will be answered soon.

The other concern I have now is that Mike answered a question on the Facebook group, and indicated the average training session would likely be 2 to 2.5 hours. I know I won’t spend that kind of time in one training session so I am already imagining myself giving up on the program and it hasn’t even started yet! I keep my rest very short between warmup sets and tend to ramp up to my working weight fairly quickly, so I can’t see myself needing that kind of time commitment. In fact, one of the main reasons I’m always tweaking my split is to shorten the training sessions. I recall during one my 5/3/1 stints I split the assistance work from the main movement into two separate workouts. I think that’s how I always end up training more often than less often. I’d much rather do 6 hour-long workouts than jam everything into 3 marathon 2-hour sessions. We shall see.

Because my brain apparently enjoys worrying, I’ve also been toying with the idea of how to best use video to capture technique at heavier loads. I’ve used my phone to film before, but it’s less than ideal. It’s challenging to find a place to put it where I can get quality takes. I happen to have a nice camcorder on a tripod that takes fabulous HD video (see my YouTube channel for examples) and would obviously be easy to set up. Why I feel embarrassed to use it in the gym is a question I don’t have an answer to. I may try it today and see what happens.

There’s a powerlifting meet at the end of April that would apparently fit perfectly with Momentum as the cycle ends on April 20th. One more thing for me to stress over.


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