1 Rep Max Testing

Day one of Project Momentum is complete. I must have jinxed myself writing about the fear of injury training at 100% of my max, for on the very last lift of a very long morning, I got a familiar popping feeling in my left hip/glute/low back area. 10 hours later, it hurts, but it is not agonizingly horrific so hopefully I will recover quickly. I need to figure out what it is about that spot that makes it so injury prone and see if there’s any way to strengthen those muscles. I swear, as I drove home from the gym I told myself if I was badly hurt again, I’d quit powerlifting, or at least the attempt at powerlifting, immediately and for good. I have two days off before 80% rep max testing in the squat, so hopefully I’m healed enough to complete that. I’ve tried to isolate where I think the injury is below, with the angry red arrows and circle.

I actually set up my camcorder today, and other than a few odd looks from a couple of young fellas lifting light weights, it worked out great. The video quality is excellent and with the help of iMovie, I was able to voice record over it and add some Cuban salsa music in the background.

With two PRs today, I have to assume that my recent efforts were fruitful. I drove myself hard for weeks, backed off for a week or so after heavy fatigue set in, and then what do you know, PR’s in the Squat and Deadlift. Hopefully Project Momentum will drive some more progress, assuming my weak ass recovers.




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