Winding Up

I’m starting to feel the recovery that just a few days ago, I thought would evade me.  I took some extra days completely off, I am still in the deload phase I discussed recently, but I can tell both by my subjective assessments of my body’s aches and pains, and my desire to lift starting to come back strong, that recovery is taking place.

Knowing myself as well as I do, I knew that during this time of self doubt known as overreaching, I would read, study and seek more optimal ways of organizing my training in the future. In the last six days that is essentially what I’ve done, revisiting one of the more thoughtful approaches to training in the Reactive Training Systems model. I’ve read the book again a couple of times, jotted some notes down to ensure I’m comprehending what I’m reading, and felt a few mental jigsaw pieces fall into place.

The key item I’ve latched onto this week is using the fatigue I’m accumulating in the workouts more effectively to stave off crashing and burning into a demotivated, cranky mass of beat up, bearded, tattooed powerlifter wannabe. While I could just steal a few RTS ideas and stick them into my plan, I think I’ll actually use all of the RTS concepts to devise the plan properly in the first place. Speaking of RTS, they offer a nifty online training tracking thing I messed with a few times and may continue to do so. It’s over at their site and worth taking a peek. I recorded my TRAC score a couple of times and will try to get in the habit of doing it regularly to see what kind of feedback I get from the system. As usual, I’m a bit shocked by my resting heart rate, which has been 46 and 47 BPM the last couple of nights.

Last but not least, RTS is launching their second Project Momentum in a few weeks, and while I’m probably not a great candidate for it (Wilks below 300), I signed up anyway. If I get selected, I might give it a run and see what some guided programming, albeit slightly experimental in nature, will do for me. My strength progress has been slight for a long time, stuck as I am in the intermediate mode, so I’m more open to being told what to do, which I instinctively balk at.


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