Thursday is a good day to Lift

Always on the lookout for a sale, I obtained caffeine in capsule form (vs. my usual tablets) from a vendor I’ve not used before. After not feeling much of a buzz from this new purveyor’s product, I’ve convinced myself that they’re underdosed, although I haven’t put them to the test yet, for fear of repeating an incident that occurred the last time I was suspicious of a product’s potency.

I visited an Outback Steakhouse alone one night while traveling on business. I sat at the bar, ordered a Grey Goose on the rocks and a meal of some kind. Vodka and I have long since parted ways, but at the time I still indulged. I drained the vodka fairly quickly–which is the main reason we are no longer on speaking terms–and noticed that I didn’t feel the usual numbing sensation at the back of the head. I immediately suspected Outback of foul play; of watering down their vodka to increase the already bloated profit margins they enjoy on alcoholic beverages. I quickly ordered a second and drank it expeditiously in order to confirm my hypothesis. I stood up from my barstool to visit the restroom before confronting management with my discovery, only to find myself leaning decidedly to starboard.  The cumulative impact of two vodka rocks consumed in a 10-minute span disproved my hypothesis.

I don’t wish to repeat the mistake with stimulants and given that my tolerance for caffeine is legendary, it is much more likely that I just didn’t notice the effects of the morning dose than it is that the fine folks at Nutrakey Health are stiffing their customers.

Today’s training was short, but strong:

Stiff-Legged Deadlifts

Each rep was done from a complete stop. No touch & go reps here.

  • 200 x 7
  • 205 x 5
  • 215 x 4
  • 215 x 3

Touch & Go Bench

  • 182.5 x 5
  • 172.5 x 4

As has happened before in other lifts, the weight felt easy but the endurance did not. You’ll see in the video of the first set I was throwing the weight up with ease but I didn’t have many reps in me today.



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