A year and a dime

Attempting to keep my English purified and avoid the trash idioms and easy phrases we toss about caused me a moment’s pause as I searched for a title. As you’ll see, the title’s a bit inaccurate on both counts, but the general sense of it is about right.

I haven’t done anything specifically designed to lose body fat and improve my body composition. All I’ve really done is eat well and continue to train as consistently as I always have. Consistency may be the key to every success I can claim and I can also attest to one of Mr. Buffett’s mantras; it is not necessary to do extraordinary things to get extraordinary results.

Early in 2016, after pursuing another ill advised attempt to “bulk up,” I was sitting at a smooth 188 lbs. Not exactly plump, but you’d really have to be generous to say you could see any abdominal muscle. Just a few days ago, I weighed in at 177.5 lbs. I would label that lost blubber about the most effortless leaning out I’ve ever done.

With a weight class limit of 182 lbs, I’m in a perfect position to just train hard and eat well. As I’ve mentioned before, low carb Paleo dieting is The Bomb.


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