7 AM Wakeup

My alarm is set for 7:00 AM every single day. I won’t attempt to persuade you into thinking I awake bright-eyed and leap out of bed ready to greet the new day upon hearing the sounds of birds, which my phone uses to notify me of the time. Most days though, I’m at least conscious of the alarm, I’m able to shut it off, and if I choose to linger a bit in that deep level of comfort one can rarely reach at night when you’re desperately trying to, I do it intentionally.

I typically get out of bed in short order, primarily because there’s a dog sleeping next to me and I’m constantly worried about him needing to use the bathroom. It’s a rather odd thing to concern myself with because he doesn’t seem concerned at all, but I have a high empathetic response and I can’t bear the idea that I couldn’t go to the bathroom until someone let me out. However, this morning I sat up on the edge of the bed and my eyes were nailed shut and my neck was made of silly string, unable to keep my head vertical. It took a monumental effort to force my legs to hold me up and start shuffling out of the bedroom.

Teeth brushed, weight noted and caffeine/Aleve combo consumed, I continued the morning ritual and that common concern floated into my consciousness: How am I going to train this morning feeling like this?  I get this thought a lot, but it’s always for naught as by the time I get to the gym I’m ready to go and today was no exception. I was a little bored lifting today, but physically I felt quite good.

I shook up my split a little bit over the weekend as I thought one of my own making would please me more than following someone else’s, even though I’ve had that idea many times before. I will say that I think Jamie Lewis’ splits from his epic Powerlifting book Destroy the Opposition are the best I’ve used. I used the concept of the Norwegian Powerlifting Team’s rumored frequency test and took what I consider to be solid Powerlifting specific training paradigms for the three lifts and split the workouts across 6 days. I don’t like hammering myself into oblivion on one lift in one session; for example having a Squat Day where I do squats and squat accessory moves like SLDL, Pause Squats, Front Squats, etc. I lose both interest and energy when I train that way but I acknowledge all of those lifts are important to improve the Squat. So I spread them out across the week.

I squatted heavy yesterday, so for today, I planned Pause Squats but I did some Close Grip Bench work first.

Close Grip Bench

  • 167.5 x 7 (a rep PR), 4 and 4.

I repeated the weight rather than my usual load drop either because I was too lazy to change the weights or I wanted more reps at that intensity. Take your pick.

Paused Squats

I shot some video of these the last time I did them, and my pause wasn’t as long when I watched it vs. how long they felt when I had done them. So today I specifically paused longer in the hole with the same weight from last time. I was really pleased with how comfortable I felt sitting way deep in a squat with 197.5 lbs on my back for a solid 3 count.

  • 197.5 x 3, 3, 3, 2

BTN Press

At some point during the squats, when I walked to the fountain to get some water, I saw a dude doing EZ Bar curls in front of the mirror. After my warm up sets for Pressing, I went to get more water and he was doing alternating DB curls for biceps. When I left for the day after my Press sets, he was doing concentration curls for biceps. The dude literally trained biceps the entire time I did squats and BTN Press.

  • 105 x 5, 4, 4

While the first set was a rep PR, it was a struggle. The weight felt heavy and I was running out of gas and was thinking about eggs.


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