Deadlift Training 12 8 2016

I’m glad all I had on tap today was deadlifts. I’ve put a lot of volume of training in this week and I’ve been pretty fatigued in the evenings.

My goal today was to get 10-15 reps at or above 85% of my 1RM with at least 1 rep at 90%.

Meet goal is a 375-lb DL and I pulled 360 lbs on September 4, 2016 so I think I’m good for the 375 already.

  • 305×3
  • 305×3
  • 315×2
  • 325×2
  • 325×2
  • 305×2

Video of some of the lifts

I’m pretty happy with how it went and how comfortable all the reps felt. My thumbs are not quite as comfortable now from Hook Gripping all my reps, but a mixed grip is not something I’m willing to return to. I’ve got no desire to put hardware in my other arm.


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