Training Log 12 7 2016

Today turned out to be another Supportive Lift day. I trained right in the middle of the day as opposed to my typical 8 AM start time due to other obligations. I can’t really tell if I had more energy or stamina after a couple of meals in me. I did a lot of work today, but it felt as hard as it always does.

More volume has been the theme so far since my decision to train as if I would be competing, and today was no exception.

Front Squats

What I like most about the split I use is that I train 6 days each week. I like going to the gym, and lifting starts my day out right,  so those 3-day and 4-day splits just don’t do it for me. What I like second most about this split, is that I don’t have a “squat day” or a “bench day” where I train my main lift and then do a bunch of extra work for that particular lift. Instead, it’s all scattered across the week. For example, yesterday I did Pause Squats and today I did Front Squats. Those would be typical movements to follow up a Squat workout with, but I’m typically tired of squatting once I’m done with the main lift and I have little to no desire to do some variation of squat as extra work. This way, I get to attack Front Squats as the main lift for the day, even though it’s a supportive lift for the Squat.

  • 182.5 x 5, 3, 2, 4

After the second set, I just rested long enough to catch my breath and then did the double. I then rested a full two minutes before the last set. Just mixing it up a little bit.

Touch and Go Bench

  • 177.5 x 5, 4, 3, 1

The single at the end was after just a few seconds of rest following the third set. These felt really good today. I was able to stay tight throughout the sets and had serious bar speed.

Conventional Deadlift

I’ve always done the Deadlift conventional, just assuming the Sumo style would feel awkward. When I finally gave Sumo a shot, I swore I’d never return to conventional. I hurt my glute doing a 345-lb conventional in September and cursed myself for days afterward, swearing off it again. Today, my split called for a Pulling movement and I went back to the well, using the conventional as a Supportive lift.

  • 297.5 x 2, 2, 3

My preferred rep range for deadlifts is 1, but I will begrudgingly do some reps if I keep the weight relatively light. I prefer to do Touch & Go deadlifts if I’m doing reps, but I know full stop deads are more important to building my competition deadlift so I did not Touch & Go these reps. If I had, I’m confident I’d have gotten 4 or 5 on the first set. Before the injury pulling a 345 single, I had done 295×5 Touch & Go.


  • 177 x 6, 3

I weighed in at 177 this morning. Lean and mean. If  I had to guess, I’d put current body fat levels at around 12%. Abs clearly visible when relaxed, but quite pronounced when flexed. I credit a low-carb, high-fat Paleo diet for the ease with which I can get lean, and stay there.


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