Training Log 12 6 2016

Today’s session was all Supportive Lifts, not to be confused with “assistance work” or “accessory work.”

To improve strength out of the hole, I worked 3-second Pause Squats.

  • 185×4
  • 185×3
  • 185×3
  • 195×3
  • 195×3
  • 195×3

Overhead Press

  • 110×6
  • 110×5
  • 110×4

Sumo DL Block Pulls
I don’t actually have blocks, so used 2 45-lb plates to give me roughly a 4″ block to set the weights on.

  • 275×4
  • 275×4
  • 275×3


  • 300×5, 4, 4 (with wrist wraps)

That’s a good bit of volume for me. My training for the last few months has basically been 2 lifts each day for whatever set/rep combo I felt like doing. I will probably have to eat more with this increased training volume as my weight this morning was 176.5.


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