Training Log 12 4 2016

Paused Bench Press is tough. It’s definitely a specific skill requiring practice and building strength specifically in the lift. Today’s mission was to work up to a top Triple @9-10 RPE, and manage volume through Rep Drops.

  • 175×3
  • 175×2
  • 175×2

Hopefully with some dedicated work I can get to the seemingly lofty 210 I’d like to hit in a Meet.

BTN Press

I’m going to work my non-competitive lifts in a linear progression type fashion, so I checked my last BTN session, added a few lbs, and went after it.

  • 100×7 Video over on Instagram
  • 95×7
  • 95×5

Managing my volume here with Load Drops, i.e. take 95% off the bar from the top lift and repeat the same reps until I can’t get them.

Incline Bench

Really not a fan of this lift. My shoulder doesn’t seem to like it much and it’s hard to find a groove, but I need the chest work, so I use mostly Weighted Dips and Incline for that.

  • 157.5×3 (Yes I carry micro plates in my bag)
  • 150×3
  • 150×3
  • 150×3

No one in the gym this morning, so I took my time and got good quality work in.


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