To Powerlift, or not to Powerlift

My last competition was in 2010 and it was an equipped meet. Prior to that, my inaugural meet in 2008 was also equipped. I’ve never done a RAW meet so that’s what’s on deck.

I should point out,  that I am not strong in any sense of the word. My lifts rank as intermediate according to Strength Standards, so it’s not as if I’m a competitive athlete. However, I am living my 54th year of life and having not competed athletically since Little League prior to my foray into Powerlifting, it’s encouraging and very tempting to enter something official and compete for the sake of competing. It feels good to know that at my relatively advanced age, I’m still healthy, in shape and capable of attempting any kind of athletic feat.

The only reason I’m uncommitted at this stage is that my lifts are quite meager in Powerlifting circles, and I don’t want to enter a formal competition to execute a Squat, Bench Press and Deadlift performance that is shy of what’s performed in high school gyms across the country every day. But as I stated recently, if I can total 900 lbs with confidence, I will more likely than not don the singlet and put my name on the roster.


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