I reserve the right to enter a powerlifting competition in the year of our Lord 2017. I will train as if I will compete, but I make no commitment to it. The ambivalence comes from being able to put up a reasonable total so that I feel it was a venture worth entering. The USPA has a relatively local meet in Feb (Columbia), and there is currently no state record for the Masters 182-lb class. There’s clearly nothing stopping me from just signing up and doing it, having my name in the record books. But I don’t want to be embarrassed by the Total that would sit beside my name.

Ideally, I would put up a 916 lb total, which would get my a Class II qualification. I’m not confident I can get there by February though, so I’m aiming for a 900-lb Total and then work to get another 16 lbs out of my lifts before year’s end to move out of the Class III ranking.

No idea how I feel about this as time marches on, but as of today, I want to make it a reality. I’m training 6 days a week, using the Squat Specialist split from Jamie Lewis’ Destroy the Opposition book.  I’m using some of Dan Green’s linear progression ideas, and managing my volume by using Reactive Training Systems’ Fatigue Management concepts. I like the set-up a lot, which is saying something considering how often I tinker with this crap. We’ll see if I’m in the market to buy a singlet in the near future.


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