Testosterone Improvement Plan

Six months ago, I had my total testosterone and free testosterone checked. The results were less than stellar and I decided action had to be taken. I researched everything I could find online in terms of boosting both Total, but more importantly for me, Free testosterone. After weeding through the morass of crap and snake oil being pimped, I settled on a handful of things where there was some reasonable support based on actual studies. None of the studies were conclusive, but I felt strongly enough about the correlation to give them a try for six months.

My diet was unchanged during this time as was my training. My diet is a cyclical ketogenic diet and I am very disciplined hitting my chosen macros each and every day. My training varies, but it’s always strength training with weights. No cardio or conditioning of any kind.

The supplements I chose:

  • Vitamin D3 – 3,000 IU per day
  • Boron – 9MG per day
  • Zinc – 50MG per day
  • Magnesium – 750MG per day

I took the Vitamin D3 and Boron with my post-workout meal.
The Zinc and Magnesium I took before bed with my last meal.

I retested my T levels and the improvements have exceeded my expectations by a significant degree:

Aug 2013:

  • Total T was 29% below the midpoint of the normal range.
  • Free T was 51% below the midpoint of the normal range.

Feb 2014:

  • Total T increased 37% and is now 11% above the midpoint of normal.
  • Free T increased 122% and is now just 17% below the midpoint of normal.

I’d been feeling strong in the gym, very productive at all hours of the day except the 5-7 PM witching hours, sleeping well and feeling very fit overall. I will also add that I feel significantly less stressed now than I was mid-summer, so perhaps that also plays a factor in the improved testosterone results. I plan to continue the supplement regimen.

PS I may be 51, but I’m younger than Johnny Depp.


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